Real estate law

For decades, our lawyers have been advising investors on all legal matters relating to real estate. Our wealth of knowledge and experience includes:

  • Real estate-oriented banking and capital markets law
  • Real estate-oriented mergers & acquisitions and real estate-oriented corporate law
  • Real estate-oriented law of obligations:
    • Sale and purchase of real estate
    • private construction law
    • Law of leases and rental arrangements
  • Real estate-oriented property law concerning:
    • Conveyance of real property
    • Creation of mortgages and land charges
    • Creation of easements, usufruct and housing rights
  • Condominium law (WEG)
  • Interplay with public law such as money laundering and data protection law, planning law as well as rent regulation (Berlin Misappropriation Act and corresponding ordinance)
  • Interplay with insolvency law
  • Interplay with tax law

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