Rules governing international business transactions

Since the days of their legal traineeship, our lawyers have been focusing on the legal aspects of cross-border matters. They have also studied abroad and in some cases practised abroad.

Given this background, our law firm is often engaged in the context of cross-border transactions. We advise foreign clients on German law working in the English and/or Spanish language (inbound work). We also support and advise German clients on foreign matters, especially with regards to the United Kingdom and Spain (outbound work).

Our international mandates typically involve the following areas:

  • European law
  • UN Sales Law
  • International conventions on the harmonisation of laws
  • Private international law
  • International commercial and corporate Law
  • International tax law
  • International civil procedure law
  • English law (usually in cooperation with English law firms)
  • References to U.S. law
  • Spanish law (usually in cooperation with Spanish law firms)
  • International contract drafting in German, English and Spanish.

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